The therapy and counseling center for internet addiction, computer game addiction and mobile phone addiction is a point of contact for those affected and their relatives.

Our offers:

  • Therapy and counselling center for those affected and their relatives
  • Psychotherapy with main focus on media addiction (Internet, Computergames, Smartphones..)
  • Therapeutically guided group for affected persons

Therapy fees are based on income.

Mag.a. Julia DIER

Head: Dr. Dominik Batthyány

Salztorgasse 5, 1st floor
1010 Wien


First contact with our counselling center
The first contact with the therapy and counseling center for internet and computer games is done by telephone or via email. You will receive brief information about the offer and can arrange an appointment for a personal first meeting as required.

First interview, counselling and information
The first consultation takes place, depending on the agreement, with the affected persons (takes 45 min). The initial contact makes it possible to get to know each other and pinpoint the needs and requirements.

Therapy planning
Based on the results of the initial consultation and any other available findings (eg clinical-psychological testing), a therapy proposal is prepared and discussed with the affected person. In the course of the planning, appointments for each subsequent support element are agreed upon.

When playing becomes addiction.
In addition to the many positive aspects of Internet, computer games, etc., behaviors that distress can also arise in this context. This includes the phenomenon that normal use can escape excessively as an addiction.
The following indications are possible indications of a problematic computer game or media usage behavior:

  • The computer game or media usage behavior occurs (min. 12 months) over a longer period in an abnormal shape
  • Loss of control with respect to commencement, extent and intensity of the computer game or media use
  • Abstinence loss – attempts to restrict or abandon computer games or media usage fail repeatedly
  • Irresistible urge or desire to play or to use certain new media
  • Symptoms of withdrawal, such as restlessness, irritability, weakness of concentration, occur when the computer game or media usage behavior should be reduced or abandoned
  • Neglect of obligations (school, professional or family)
  • Strong intellectual engagement with this behavior even during other activities
  • Computer gaming or media usage behaviour is increasingly used for mood and feeling regulation, and the only way to effectively regulate emotions
  • Suffering pressure – initially pleasant rewarding behavior is perceived as increasingly debilitating in the course of addiction development.

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