Child Clinical Psychological Diagnostics

Child clinical psychological diagnostics uncovers the underlying factors that cause children and adolescents to suffer from stress and familialiarly problems.
Its aim is to find out and diagnose psychological problems, offer solutions and plan further treatment.

It mostly encompasses two meetings in which detailed information is obtained through discussions, clinical observation, questionnaires and psychological testing.
In conclusion, a consultation will take place in which the results will be discussed with the child/adolescent and  his/her legal guardian(s) and incorporated into an individual treatment plan.

If the legal requirements are met and the case in hand allows it, the health insurance company may cover up to 80 per cent of the cost.

We offer child clinical psychological diagnostics in the following problem areas and fields:
School matters: Diagnostic evaluation in matters of concentration difficulties (ADHD), dyslexia, dyscalculia, learning difficulties, behavioural problems in school, intellectual giftedness, questions concerning enrolement at school and students with special needs.

Emotional and social problems with regard to treatment plan:
Diagnostic evaluation concerning irritated or aggressive behaviour, increased anxiety , bouts of depression, hyperactive behaviour, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, bedwetting, etc.

If you are interested in child clinical psychological diagnostics please contact:

Dr. Stefana Holocher-Benetka
Tel: +43 650 8512188
Faulmanngasse 4, (first floor, corner Operngasse)
1040 Vienna